Transportation and Warehousing

Aircraft Maintenance, Repair
Airport Operations
Aerial Work Platform (AWP)
Automobile Towing
Charter Flights
Couriers & Local Delivery Services
Domestic Airlines
Dry Docks & Cargo Inspection Services
Farm Product Storage & Warehousing
Freight Forwarding Brokerages & Agencies
Freight Packing & Logistics Services
Gas Pipeline Transportation
General Warehousing & Storage
Inland Water Transportation
International Airlines
Local Freight Trucking
Local Specialized Freight Trucking
Long-Distance Freight Trucking
Moving Services
Ocean & Coastal Transportation
Oil Pipeline Transportation
Organic Chemical Pipeline Transportation
Port & Harbor Operations
Postal Service
Public School Bus Services
Public Transportation
Rail Maintenance Services
Rail Transportation
Refined Petroleum Pipeline Transportation
Refrigerated Storage
Scheduled and Charter Bus Services
Sightseeing Transportation
Specialized Storage & Warehousing
Stevedoring & Marine Cargo Handling
Tank & Refrigeration Trucking
Taxi & Limousine Services
Toll Roads & Weigh Stations
Tugboat & Shipping Navigational Services